Publication Ethics

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Publication Ethics

This journal is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws. 

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Fairness and objectivity of the papers:
All the rules and regulations concerning the publication and adaptation of the literary works have to be observed by the journal and the authors’ rights must be reserved for the publication. Decision making process for the papers in every step throughout the process of reviewing must be done fairly and based on the quality of the papers ignoring the personal contempt and desire, nationality, gender, ethnic and racial issues as well as political beliefs.
Paper acceptance:
The Editor-in-chief of the journal along with the editorial board members determine the acceptance or the rejection of a paper. It is worth mentioning that any kind of plagiarism or any kind of immoral deeds done by the author(s), will ban the paper from being reviewed.  
Privacy and Secrecy: 
The information of the sent manuscripts must not be used in the Editor-in-chief’s or/and other members of editorial board’s papers without their written consent, besides, the information must not be revealed to anyone else except the reviewers, the author(s) and editors of the journal. 
Reviewer’s responsibilities:
  • Reviewers must help the editor-in-chief and the editorial board to decide whether to accept or reject a sent manuscript in terms of quality, content and scientific aspects and improving the scientific status of the paper with their comments.
  • Reviewers are required to preview the manuscript and then notify the editor-in-chief whether they can review the paper or not based on the specific field of work, lack of time, not having access to the necessary facilities. The reviewers who lack enough expertise in reviewing the paper assigned to them must refrain from doing it.
  • Reviewers must review the papers fairly and objectively.
  • The journal has a confidential process reviewing the papers which must be observed by all the reviewers, based on which they are not allowed to reveal the information of the papers without a written consent of the author(s) to anyone except the editor-in-chief.
  • The reviewers are required to review the papers fairly and based on the scientific quality of the papers ignoring the personal contempt and desire, nationality, gender, ethnic and racial issues as well as political beliefs.
  • The Reviewers must retrieve and assess the sources used by the author(s). All the citations must be mentioned with their references. In case of any similarity or imitations the editor-in-chief of the journal must be notified. 
  • The reviewers will not use any information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage or to disadvantage or discredit others.
Author’s responsibilities:
  • The corresponding author is the one who contributed significantly to the research in case of preparation, designing. The other authors must be acknowledged as ‘co-author(s)’. The manuscript of the paper must be sent to all authors and contributor and ask for their consent to publish the paper in the journal.
  • Authors should use appropriate methods of data analysis and should state that all data in article are real and authentic.
  • Authors should check their publications carefully at all stages to ensure methods and findings are reported accurately. Authors should carefully check calculations, data presentations, typescripts/submissions and proofs.
  •  Authors must list all references used in/for the article, so that they can all be retrieved and found by other authors intending to do the same research projects and avoid raising controversial, immoral, subjective, personal racial and religious issues. The authors are not allowed to   copy references from other publications if they have not read the cited work or give false information.
  • Authors are deemed responsible for the content of the paper(s) published, therefore they must check the details of their work including the text of the paper, the findings and their comments.
  • Authors must mention their acknowledgment of the works used by them in their own paper and all funding sources and relevant are to be disclosed.
  • The papers which have already been rejected must not be sent again to the journal, or if the papers has been thoroughly been edited by the authors and the edited manuscript with a letter clarifying the matter to the editor-in-chief to see to it.  
  • While the paper is under the process of reviewing any alterations to the author(s) including omission or edition of their names, changing the order of their names or/and changing the corresponding author’s name is not permitted.
  • Author(s) are required to notify the readers and reviewers in their paper about any potential danger or risk that the research project holds concerning humans.
  • Authors should alert the editor promptly if they discover an error in any submitted, accepted or published work. Authors should cooperate with editors in issuing corrections or retractions when required.

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